Weddings *  Bar/Bat Mitzvah's *  Birthdays *

           Class Photographs  *  Proms/Cotillions * 

        Quincianeras  *  Showers  *  Anniversaries *

          Family Reunions  *  Business Conventions * 

                                                       Any Occasion

If what you are looking for isn't listed,- ASK.

As an aside, Events that require a Rehearsal, I attend, whenever possible, at no charge to the Client.   It gives me a "feel" as to the layout where the event is taking place and I can point out any problems that the Client might have, say, on the day of their Wedding.  

BELIEVE ME,- a Rehearsal  MAKES a difference!

There is no charge for travel time to, and from, the Event.

The Client will receive all of the Photographs taken of His / Her Event, as well as a Website. 


THIS is one category that's all over the "Ball Park", but normally, it covers:

    "Head" Photographs  *  Portfolio Photographs *

    Product / Location Photography  *  Publicity


Again, If what you are looking for isn't listed,- ASK.

There will, obviously, be areas I do not cover,- I'm simply not set up for it, and in those instances, I would direct you to someone with that expertise.  Aerial Photography and "Virtual Tours" are two that come to mind.