“It is absurd to think that the only way to tell    if a poem is lasting is to wait and see if it
  lasts.  The right reader of a good poem can
  tell the moment it strikes him that he has
 taken an immortal wound - that he will never
 get over it.  That is to say, permanence in
 poetry, as in love, is perceived instantly.  It
hasn’t to await the test of time  The proof of
  a poem is not that we have never forgotten it, 
 but we knew at sight we never could forget it”.

                                               Robert Frost


  Bill Peters

"I have always loved this quote.  Yes, it describes Poetry’s effect on an individual, but you could substitute words like Photography, Painting, Music, Literature, or describe activities like a walk in the woods, - and that same quote would hold up just as well, - would be just as accurate.

I would also suggest that Photography and Poetry have an awful lot in common, but I digress.  

Good Photography has the three indispensable ingredients of Love, Time, and what I would call, Cross Pollination.

Cross Pollination is the exposure of the individual to all things sensual.  Everything, from the obvious, such as the various arts, to the debatable, like the smell of a wet dog’s fur, or that same dog’s heartbeat.  Without Cross Pollination, all Photography, - all Art, would be stillborn at birth.  Without Cross Pollination, the photographer will not just be boring, he will end up nowhere at the outset.

Love and Time, while two different elements, are so intertwined that, when it comes to Photography, they are thoroughly blended.  More then a marriage of necessity, this is an affectionate collaboration.  The photographer must be passionate about his subject and is prepared to give it all the time that’s necessary,- more often then not, a lot of it.

Love and Time,- passionate lovers are never in a hurry”.